Behind the Shield

Bienvenidos a… detrás del escudo de plata ♥
Me llamo Kalitha Berthiem (Catalina), tengo 23 años y soy de Chile.
Aquí doy a conocer mis pasatiempos que es el dibujo y la escritura además de mis gustos que son los deportes, videojuegos y entre otras cosas.
Soy parte de varios Fandom así que si ven mucho contenido homosexual en su dashboard… no sé enojen xD
Quiero que me siga gente que tenga gustos similares a los míos ó que los toleren.

Por último… disfruten.

Now Uga Uga English:
Welcome to... "Behind the silver shield"
My name is Kalitha Berthiem (Catalina) , I'm 23 years old and I'm from Chile.
In here I'll show you my pastimes & hobbies (That are) such as drawing & writing and also of my likes that are sports, videogames among other things.
I belong to several Fandom, soo... if you see a lot of homosexual content on your dashboard... don't get angry xD
I want people that follows me because we share similar likes or people who tolerated them at least.

Finally... enjoy.

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Asker siliceb Asks:
Buhuhuhu te gusta el Scogan? ;A;
thesilvershield thesilvershield Said:

Por su pollo, me gusta <3 Por?

Chris Pratt in the new EW Portraits.

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Why are you doing this? Why?

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mcu meme: 1/1 film;  guardians of the galaxy (2014)

Now I’m standing. Y’all happy? We’re all standing up now! A bunch of jackasses standing in a circle.

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I guess we’re stuck together. Partners.

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You said it yourself, bitch.  We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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No, I’m dead serious!

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This was one of the funniest jokes in film history

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